Whatever you do, don’t do this – and trust me, you, too, can get to this point

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Ah, traveling. The joys of leaving behind the comforts of home, willingly accept to be treated like a felon or a convict while at the airport, suffering through 5 to 8 (or more) hours of stale air, questionable food and funky water (I stand by my opinion that plane water tastes funky!) to arrive in a place we don’t know, don’t speak the language and don’t know a thing about.

OK, so I sound a little negative there. Sorry. Traveling is also a lot of fun. But let’s be honest, traveling lately involves a lot more trouble than it did a mere 10 years ago.

This lovely article landed in my inbox today, and I enjoyed it so much I wanted to share it with you. Balancing the positive with the negative, it ends with a really funny anecdote – something I hope will never happen to any of you.


Tired and Impatient? Keep Your Pants On

Published: October 27, 2008

CANCELED flights, delayed flights and surly crews.

This is the stuff of travel.

But occasionally, airline personnel are helpful, going beyond the confines of their job descriptions.

I was flying into London, where I had to make a connecting flight with little time to spare. The plane hit turbulence, and my iPhone popped out of my pocket and disappeared deep into my seat.

I had to have an attendant feverishly make like a mechanic and take the seat apart to retrieve it. My phone was crushed. Its screen was busted. But I was grateful. I made my connection.

One airline crew even got me some pizza.

To find out what kind and why, go here.

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