When individual rights go too far

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What happens when the ego takes over and it becomes all about me, myself and I? Well, things like this:

You know all those schools being sued for NOT protecting kids from bullying? A California school district is another boat going in the other direction. Parents are suing the Alameda schools for requiring their kids learn to BE NICE to other kids. Gasp!

A friend of mine told me the situation is going from bad to worse. She personally was threatened by the father of a student, a lawyer, that he would sue her were she to give any more homework to his son. Thinking that perhaps she was giving them hours upon hours of homework, I asked her how much homework she gave her 5th grade students.

“About an hour’s worth a night,” she replied.

She then told me about the parent who threatened legal action were her daughter not to improve her reading skills by the end of the school term.

“How am I supposed to do that, when the mother refuses to work with her child and I have to divide my time between 26  students?” she told me. “On top of that, she, too, is against homework, and from what the student told me, they don’t own a single book!”

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it, where the world is going.

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2 thoughts on “When individual rights go too far

    1. Thanks Jen 🙂 I find it all the more difficult for (good) parents to assume their role when they have little or no support from their families, their social circle and the society in which they live in general. A couple of my friends have been blessed with beautiful children, and we have subsequently adjusted our social activities to accommodate the children, something my friends tell me they only have within this circle of friends, and we all enforce the parents’ rules, even if we don’t agree with them. The consequence is that although we now have 4 children hanging out with 10 adults, we barely have to raise our voices (if ever), and while any adult can reinforce a rule, we rarely have to – these children and rambunctious and energetic yet extremely well-behaved. So it can be done 🙂
      Good luck to you Jen!!!

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