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Planning the Week – Recipe Recommendation: Slow Cooker Thai Green Curry

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Happy Sunday!  This blogger uses Sundays to plan and prepare for the upcoming week.  I have been asked so many times about the resources that help me plan a full week that I decided to launch the “Planning the Week” feature with three concomitant components: a recommended book to make your commute easier; a healthy recipe to make your week tastier and healthier; and a planning/planner tip to keep it all running smoothly.


A dear friend of mine was telling me only a couple of days ago that spring is a confusing time for her, food-wise.  On the one hand, she is craving salads and fruit; on the other, the weather is still so cold where she currently lives that only a steady diet of soups seems to keep her warm.  With that in mind, I went through a couple of blogs I recently had the pleasure of discovering and found an amazing-looking recipe by the Homans for a slow cooker Thai green curry.

The Homans' Thai Green Curry on Sahar's BlogOh my goodness, just look at this picture the family featured on their blog.  It’s almost like a salad, but a warm one.  It’s just one of those things that makes you wish you could lick the taste of your screen.

Come on–as if you have never thought why such a technology doesn’t exist yet.

Apparently the Homans were also super psyched about this recipe; they write: “Guys, I am super excited about today’s recipe. Like, super duper excited. This is one of my favorite things we’ve made! I mean, c’mon. Doesn’t this just look healthy to you? There’s red. There’s green. There’s yellow. There’s orange. If you want to eat the rainbow, I found you a new favorite meal!”

I sent the link to the Homans’ recipe to my friend and apparently it has become her staple diet for now–and it’s now on my “to try” list.  I have a feeling it should be on yours, as well.

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