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Music Review: Nashaat Salman – ‘Universal Melodies, Vol. 1’ EP

Nashaat Salman’s Universal Melodies EP, released last month, might fill a Yanni-less void through its well-crafted melodies that take listeners on journeys in different parts of the world. Putting together the exotic sounds of the Middle East and modern, electronic sounds that add to the latter, Salman, hailing from Meilen-Zurich in Switzerland, created musical landscapes… Read More Music Review: Nashaat Salman – ‘Universal Melodies, Vol. 1’ EP

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Music Review: Clocks and Clouds – “Aliantha” (Single)

The idea of classical music combined with rock and a bit of dubstep is intriguing enough to give songs like “Aliantha”, released last month, a try. Sometimes, listeners are eased into this attention-grabbing combination of genres. Clocks and Clouds. however, simply throw us into the ride from the first note. The Minneapolis-based trio have been… Read More Music Review: Clocks and Clouds – “Aliantha” (Single)

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Music Review: Federico Parra – ‘Descending’

The right music can be a ladder to the soul. By “right” music, one often thinks of songs composed for the explicit purpose of meditation and contemplation, like Federico Parra’s Descending. The artist spent 12 years studying and practicing Buddhist contemplative traditions of meditation, and has now poured his vision into this eclectic solo album,… Read More Music Review: Federico Parra – ‘Descending’