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Music Review: Manilow – ‘Cease and Desist’ EP

With four songs totaling a little over 15 minutes, post-punk trio Manilow released its EP Cease and Desist earlier this month. Hailing from the United Kingdom, Dean Moston (lead vocals, guitar), Paul Chamberlain (bass, keys, backing vocals), and Gary Cardno (drums, percussion, backing vocals) have put together songs that explore themes of relationships, escape, psychosis,… Read More Music Review: Manilow – ‘Cease and Desist’ EP

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Music Review: Xombie – ‘Capital X’

Discovering music is an adventure. Some stay within their comfort zones, others step out of it with the hope of being rewarded by finding something that resonates with them. But sometimes even the most thought out musical experiment, however talented the band, does not pay off. I find myself with a band featuring talented members,… Read More Music Review: Xombie – ‘Capital X’