November 7th non-post of Dead-Alive for NaNoWriMo08

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So I have been working on Dead-Alive for a couple of days now; I had posts ready for today & tomorrow, and was looking forward to working tonight on the posts for Sunday and Monday. What can I say – who knows when someone will be pushed off a sidewalk and sprain an ankle.

Then I received an email. Then another. And yet another. All of them asking me where in the world is today’s post of Dead-Alive for NaNoWriMo08?

I have no idea. None at all. I was working on it at work yesterday (DURING MY BREAK!!!!) and thought I had emailed it to myself – but I didn’t.

So now I am in the phase known to writers as extremus frustratinitis, whose unfortunate side effect is terrible writing. There are three new pages of Dead-Alive ready to be posted, but as they are ridiculously badly written, I have just decided that, once I have posted this, I will delete those dreadful pages and work on something totally new tomorrow.

The cure for extremus frustratinitis being chocolate, I shall go right now and get my first treatment. Hopefully it’ll kick in before the top of the hour and I shall be in full writing form within the early morning (or late night – depends on how you look at it).

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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