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Book Review: ‘Notes To My Son’, by Eric Lynn

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About the Author, Eric Lynn:

Eric Lynn Notes to my Son AuthorEric Lynn spends his professional life managing workforce solutions for small, mid-sized and Fortune 1000 companies. With years of professional experience, Eric understands the value of preparation. Thus when his wife, Ashley, became pregnant, Eric sought a way to prepare for his new role as a father. Something shifted within him causing him to ask different questions of life.

As he awaited the arrival of his first child, future conversations with his son, Summit, began to take shape. Eager to prepare for this new role, Notes to My Son was born.

The Lynn family lives in Colorado where they enjoy climbing 14ers, skiing, playing tennis and appreciating the abundance of all nature has to offer. Eric and his family hope that the relatable life wisdom shared in this book touches the hearts of all who read it.

About the Book, ‘Notes To My Son’:

“The greatest gift for dads of all ages and in all stages.” “Your path is your own.” “No one can tell you how to walk it.” “Responsibility lies with you.” These are just a few of the important conversations we are gently reminded to embrace within Notes to My Son. With parenting, there are so many things we need to do and take care of, but what conversations are we having to be sure we truly impart the wisdom of our lives into our loved ones? Are we having difficult conversations, asking hard questions and talking about issues without regret? Don’t let another day pass by without this book. In Notes to My Son, you’ll discover twenty-five topics to inspire deeper, more meaningful conversations throughout your child’s life, even if your child is now an adult.

Review of ‘Notes To My Son’, by Eric Lynn

Eric Lynn Notes to my Son AuthorIt’s always nice to talk to parents about their hopes, dreams, and aspirations for their children, as well as reflections, insights, and nuggets of wisdom.  Lynn’s thin tome reads a little like a chat with a friend who is a parent-to-be.

While there were a number of typos and the vocabulary seemed, at times, forcibly stretched to include words that jarred with the regular flow of the book, Notes to My Son is well written and easy to read.  I doubt any reader will agree completely with Lynn, but I don’t feel this is the point of reading in the first place.  Reading—as well as any conversation about parenting—is about teasing out one’s own truth by going, sometimes deeply, into very uncomfortable territory.

I’ve had the issue of online privacy on my mind for a little while, so it’ll come as no surprise one of the notes that is still sharply on my mind is the one titled “Once You Post, It’s Out There Forever”.  It’s a very short one—only a page and a half—and although it’s addressed to his son, it also hit me, as a parent, hard.  But if I had to suggest only one chapter to a prospective (or current!) parent, it definitely would be “Your Parents Will Make Mistakes; Jot Them Down and Reference Them Later”.  It’s a reminder to parents that they are not perfect, and that they have to cling to this knowledge so that it keeps them balance between maintaining their role as parental guide and remaining humble enough to adjust the sails as needed.  I have seen the power of real humility in strengthening the relationship between a parent and their child, at any age.  And by the same token, I feel that this kind of strength through humility is direly needed to deal with the chaotic state of the world today.

I’d love to see some sort of online forum—even as simple as a Facebook group—for readers of this book to join and have ongoing, in-depth conversations about each of the 25 notes to Lynn’s son.  Until then, you can connect with the author via his website or on Facebook and buy his book on Amazon.

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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