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Music Review: Klassik – ‘Spring’ EP

Milwaukee hip-hop and R&B artist Klassik released last month the EP Spring, the second installment of a project titled Seasons following his January 2015 EP named, you guessed it, Winter. The season’s new life, emerging after a cold, hard winter, is reflected in the themes touched upon in the three tracks of this EP that… Read More Music Review: Klassik – ‘Spring’ EP

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Music Review: Alden Penner – ‘Canada in Space’ EP

Montreal’s Alden Penner released last June his latest musical offering, the five-track EP Canada in Space. Penner explains that “there are more Canadians than any other nationality represented in the planned Mars colony. [This] EP is an imagining of the dreams, reveries, phantasms, hallucinations, psycho-spiritual projections, naïve mythologies, actions, visions and experiences of an abandoned… Read More Music Review: Alden Penner – ‘Canada in Space’ EP

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Music Review: The Workers – ‘Totem’ EP

New York City self-proclaimed alternative rock band The Workers recently released an EP entitled Totem. Its three tracks– the opening “Death Race”, “Boomerang”, and “Big Time”, all reflect a certain dark wistful energy. They all also are simple while featuring intricate instrumentation by its seven member band: Dan Greenwald (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), Will Hensley… Read More Music Review: The Workers – ‘Totem’ EP