Ten Recommended Reads: Week of 19 to 25 March 2016

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There are so many great blog posts that I get to read during the week that I took a page out of many a bloggers’ book and decided to share a round-up of my favorite ten posts each Friday, which can either be used to make this evening’s commute go by quicker, or to accompany tomorrow morning’s cup of coffee.

Last Week’s Gold Medal Post

I’m still not over last week’s top post.  Martha’s reflections on a traumatising episode of abuse that happened during her childhood and how those around her might have been able to better help had the topic of sex not been taboo has been floating around my mind all week, not to be satiated by any reflections I have had on the matter of sexual abuse (even this long one about Kesha didn’t help!)  Again, if you only have time for one post, this one is it.

Questioning One’s Outer Status Quo

I came across a couple of posts this week from courageous women who were questioning the status quo.  Kathryn does so by questioning her faith, while Kate takes a big step with regards to her career.  I hope they come across posts like Ariella’s which will help them develop the habit of recording personal reflections in the form of journalling–a technique I have been using myself for years and can’t recommend enough.  Here is hoping that whatever the answer they find, they will have a much better life because of the process they are going through.

Questionning One’s Inner Status Quo

One way to gain the courage to make some pretty big changes is to reflect on one’s patterns of thoughts and actions.  Posts such as Bree‘s I’m Fine, Really, Lauren‘s Failure is a Good Thing (Quitting is Not), Erin‘s Relationship Habits You Need to Quit and Busy and Productive Aren’t The Same Thing, and Lexi‘s Finding Motivation When You Feel Like a Loser all come in quite handy in this regard.

Because I can’t Winter Anymore

One of my coping mechanisms to not go completely stir crazy while quite eagerly waiting for the end of winter is to fill the house up with the smell of baking.  Thankfully we also have a lot of friends who eat said goods, else I would be heading straight to diabetes-and-hypertension-ville.  My friends can next look forward to these mini blueberry crumble muffins by the Brooklyn Farm Girl and a torta pascalina by the Baking Fairy.  Yum!

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5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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