Ten Recommended Reads: Week of 27 February to 4 March 2016

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There are so many great blog posts that I get to read during the week that I took a page out of many a bloggers’ book and decided to share a round-up of my favorite ten posts each Friday, which can either be used to make this evening’s commute go by quicker, or to accompany tomorrow morning’s cup of coffee (perhaps with a mint chocolate brownie by Marsha?).

Personal Development: The Importance of Change

I ran into two posts that seem to somehow feed into each other, although they do not seem to have been written in conjunction one with the other.  The first one by Krysten discusses resisting change, while the second post, by Pam, discusses giving oneself permission to change.  I have to admit that it amuses me (in a good way) when I find random things that fit so well together!

Surviving the Last Weeks of Winter

While the blanket of sun-dappled snow surrounding my place at the moment really is beautiful, many–including myself–kind of start going a little nuts during the month of March.  Cabin fever hits!  And sometimes it manifests itself as apathy, aka “I’M SO BORED”.  Rutuja lives in Mumbai so her winters have nothing on anything in North America, but she still has a list of productive things to do when one is bored which, while very simple list, comes as a nice reminder that there is very little reason to be bored.  To be even more productive, one can take on Anna‘s advice on starting 10 new habits–might as well do some spring cleaning in our patterns of behavior in anticipation of the warmer weather!

But it will come as no surprise, I’m sure, that Mayra‘s post on how she can afford to buy so many books is the one that I am going to follow the most closely–might as well read away the last weeks of the winter, right? 😉

Romance or no Romance?

The answer: when it’s the right time.  For some, like Allison, being single is just fine at the moment and should remain so until **you** are ready for it (and not because everyone is pushing you into a relationship).  For others, like Tiffany, looking for a partner is important, but perhaps the time isn’t quite right–but no one should ever give up on finding that perfect life partner.  Posts like these remind me that I should always enjoy whatever stage of life I am at.

Living a Full Life

Speaking of which, living life to the fullest requires many hings, such as living with heart, as discussed this week by Ana.  But it can get tough, as mentioned by Shane, when one’s paycheck isn’t made off one’s passion.  There is a lot to be said about living a full life, and these two posts are good help in figuring it out.

Community Building: Taking Care of the Young Ones

Children are a part of the community; I love reading posts such as 5 Ways Your Toddler Can Help Around the House by Homan at Home because it helps me understand how I can interact with toddlers at community events.  And since every time I engage a young one, the parents seem not just happy, but almost grateful, I feel like this is something well worth exploring.

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5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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