Confessions of a Bookaholic: How To Find a Good Read

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A as lifelong bookaholic, I quickly learned how to get my fix. Navigating libraries, bookstores, and the internet in search of a good book comes very easily to me, so easily, in fact, that I took it for granted.

I realise now that I owe this skill to my wonderful parents and the amazing librarians I have crossed paths with for teaching me how to find yet another book to lose myself in. It is in their honour that I share with you some tips on how find something to read.

A Classic: Librarians

Yes, they still exist, and yes, they can be quite helpful. Go to your library and talk to the librarian–he or she will end up becoming quite an ally, whether you know exactly what you are looking for or have not a single clue.

Lists, Lists, Lists

Lists seem to a universally loved and timeless tradition which the internet has gleefully picked up. Be they either of the latest best-sellers, of the best of a certain genre, of the best books published during a certain year, or of the best about a certain topic, lists are very useful in finding a new book worth reading. Well known lists include the Oprah Book List, NPR’s yearly list, and the New York Times’ ongoing and oft updated ones. BuzzFeed has quite a few as well, such as 35 Books You Need to Read In Your Twenties and 19 Books To Read if You Loved the “Harry Potter” Series. Librarians oftentimes also put up their own lists, and bookstores like Chapters-Indigo ask their staff to share their favourite books with customers.

Beckoning Book Bloggers

Book bloggers are exactly what they sound like: bloggers who write about books. Some only post book reviews, others share book reviews as part of a whole other slew of things (some even regularly post book lists), there is something for everyone. The other great things about book bloggers is that they form a tight knit group; finding a good one will lead you to many more. Some great ones include Hebe, Anka, The Phantom Paragrapher, Stacy, The Flashlight Reader, The Bookshelf Intruder, Susan, Jillian, Paige, and Diva Book Nerd. Take the time to read through their reviews; find a voice that resonates and you have found your best book friend.

Facebook for Books

Your friends are also a good source of information, especially those who read a lot. Get a Goodreads account, follow your friends, follow some of your favorite authors, load up all the books you have already read, and watch a list of recommended books appear just like magic. If you get a Goodreads account or already have one, friend me!

Instagram Goodies

Instagram is a great way for someone who likes to judge books by their cover to find their latest reads. Many voracious book readers share pictures of all kinds of things book related, from book marks to bookshelves (using the hashtag shelfie), as well as pictures of what they are reading. Some just take a simple picture of the book cover; others create beautiful photographic odes to the books in their lives. Some even leave a short comment on the book under the picture, while others link back to a review. Some of my favourites Instagram book accounts include The Bumble Girl, Latte Nights Books, Eat Read Glam, Joyous Reads, Everyday Reading, Epic Reads, YA Highway, Book BFFs, and Book Munchies.

Have any advice you would like to share? Have a great book blog or Instagram account featuring a lot of books? Want to connect on Goodreads? Leave a link in the comments below!

First published on Sahar’s Blog on 11 June 2015.

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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