What adopting a Mode of Operation Imbibed in Learning can sound like

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In case you didn’t notice, I read a lot. On the one hand, I’m quite curious about everything. On the other, hey, let’s be honest, if I didn’t read a lot, I would have next to nothing to blog about except my day to day life, which would result in a total viewership of one: my Mom.

Thank you for your support, Mom!

Speaking of which, she sent me a very interesting article about genetically modified food that I particularly appreciated. While I didn’t agree with all of it, the way the author presents her views, as well as the logical and inclusive way with which she reflects on the reality of the food industry in the USA was a breath of fresh air compared to the sometimes quite aggressive tirades for or against genetically modified foods.

Just read this:

The science geek in me is intrigued by these new foods and wants to believe they will improve the world. Theoretically, genetically modified crops will allow us to feed more people more nutritious food, using less land and fewer pesticides or herbicides.

The health freak in me is encouraged by the fact that to date there has been no widely accepted scientific link between genetically modified foods and human health problems.

And the nature lover in me is cautiously optimistic: I’d like to think that genetically modified salmon, farmed in inland pens, might alleviate pressure on depleted wild stocks from both overfishing and the diseases currently being spread by salmon farms.

But that’s assuming all goes right. And that the businesses that own the rights to these projects act responsibly, keeping the health of both humans and environment in mind, and that there’s no harm done to organic farms or traditional fishing practices. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. 

As I continue to learn how to share my views in light of a mode of learning, I hope to come upon more posts with this type of tone: reflective, humble and trying to understand the entire problem, rather than limited, aggressive and uncompromising. What an awesome world we are going to live in when slowly, more and more people adopt this type of tone!

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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