Best Halloween worthy X-files episodes – Seasons 6 through 9

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Halloween is over, but autumn is perfect for watching scary movies at least for another couple of weeks (before Christmas movies start rolling). I have received a couple of email asking me for my favourite Halloween-worthy episodes of the seasons 6, 7, 8 and 9 of the X-files and so, here they are:

Terms of Endearment (6 x 06): Halloween being the night when demons and goblins come out, it’s only normal that this episode, about demon babies, made the cut.

How the Ghosts Stole Christmas (6 x 08): This episode is the perfect bridge between Halloween and Christmas; our fearless X-files agents explore a house haunted only once a year, on – you guessed it – Christmas day. Witty and a little spooky, it’s the perfect accompaniment to a mug of steaming hot chocolate.

Tithos (6 x 09): Imagine if you could see which person could die, in the moments preceding their deaths. What would you do? This creepy guy chose to… photograph them. It’s an… interesting choice, to put it nicely, isn’t it?

Arcadia (6 x 13): Picture-perfect neighborhoods are often only perfect on the outside; if you want to be creeped out by the newest developments in your area, watch what kind of monsters lurk in this development.

Agua Mala (6 x 14): Rain, rain, go away, and take away the man-eating monster you carry while you’re at it.

Trevor (6 x 17): Try hiding from a man bent on revenge who just got out of prison. Oh, yeah, did I mention that he can walk through walls?

Millenium (7 x 05): The X-files’ first (and, if I am not mistaken, only) zombie episode. Halloween, the millennium, zombies – do I really need to go any further?

Signs and Wonders (7 x 09): Creepy sect with creepy snake related rituals and weird people being possessed – get ready for some major chills!

Theef (7 x 14): Revenge & voodoo: the perfect combination to ensure you never are able to sleep with a doll ever again. Perfect therapy – cheaper than a therapist!

Invocation (8 x 05): It seems that many episodes featuring creepy kids are making this list. Here is yet another kid, creepy by the fact that he returns to his parents ten years after having been kidnapped looking exactly the same as the day he disappeared.

Badlaa (8 x 10): Definitely one of the creepiest X-files episodes, in which a mystic smuggles himself out of India to go on a murderous spree in the United States.

Scary Monsters (9 x 14): Remember thinking their might be monster under your bed, and your parents would tell you it’s just your imagination? Unfortunately, these monsters cannot be contained in this little boy’s imagination.

And then it was over, and, six years later, I’m still grieving.

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