Best Halloween-worthy X-files episodes

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You really didn’t think I could resist the temptation, today of all days, to plug in my favorite show of all times?

Ah, The X-files – best show ever, especially if one wants a great creep out session. The show had two sets of episodes: the ones that have to do with its mythology, involving aliens and men in black and detail after detail that makes watching one episode in the middle of the show totally and absolutely confusing, and the ones that are a monster-of-the-week kind, which you can watch and totally get. Of these stand-alones,  some were creepy, some were disturbing, some were thought-provoking and most were really good. Here are those from the first five seasons that are the most Halloween-worthy:

Squeeze (1 x 02): The second episode of the X-files is the one that cinched it for me. The story of a liver-eating mutant who can crawl through small spaces and get even into high security areas makes you want to cover your air vents with block of concrete to make sure you’re safe.

Shadows (1 x 05): I have a bit of a penchant for ghost stories. The ghost of a man who died with a stain on his reputation comes back to make sure his name is cleared, freaking the you know what out of his protégé.

Darkness Falls (1 x 19): If you don’t like bugs already, then definitely don’t watch this one – or maybe you should? Killer bugs threaten the lives of our favorite FBI agents.

Tooms (1 x 20): Remember the liver-eating mutant who can crawl through small spaces into – or out of – high security areas, like, maybe, prisons? Well… He’s baaaaaaaaaaaaack! And for once, the sequel is just as good as the original.

Born Again (1 x 21): If you don’t like kids, you might learn to give them the benefit of the doubt after seeing this episode, in which a child is possessed by a cop determined to clear his name (sounds familiar?).

Excelsius Dei (2 x 11): More ghosts! Well, spirits of restless residents of an old age home who have passed away and want to have a little fun in the place that made their last days on earth, well, not that fun.

The Calusari (2 x 21): Creepy kids seem center-stage in this list, as yet another child, possessed by demons, freaks the you know what out of his family and friends.

Season 3 is full of great episodes, none of which were particularly Halloween-worthy. At least, not as much as the other episodes mentioned in this list!

Sanguinarium (4 x 06): Creepy, possessed doctors who kill the patients they are supposed to help – will definitely freak you out if you think about it the next time you have a doctor’s appointment!

Leonard Betts (4 x 14): Those of you who watch ER will love Paul McCrane’s portrayal of a tumor-eating thing (for lack of a better word). This episode is for your Halloween dose of gruesome.

Elegy (4 x 22): A man with a mental disability is the main suspect of a series of crimes involving young women from a nearby university. But sometimes we underestimate those we judge as being mentally inferior.

Detour (5 x 04): Polluters beware: you might end up having nightmares after one forest starts fighting back.

Chinga (5 x 10): Another creepy child, this time held captivated (not quite captive, but almost) by an evil doll. Chucky’s cousin, perhaps?

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