Halloween – Ghost pictures!

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What’s Halloween without a couple of ghost-related posts. Since it’s still pretty early in the day (is it 7 yet?), I took it easy and just went browsing for some ghost pictures. Here are a couple bound to cause at least one little shiver ;).

Below: The chair belonged to the baby’s grandfather, who passed away before the baby was born. During that particular visit to Grandma, the family noted that the baby kept wandering towards the chair. Out of nostalgia, the family put the baby in the chair and took a picture. Out came out the image below, which kind of resembles the figure of someone (GrandPa?) holding the baby and posing for the picture.

Below: Peek a book, I see you – and you are not supposed to be there! The photographer swears he made sure everyone had left before taking this picture of a spiral staircase, thinking it would make a wonderfully artistic shot. Little did he know…

Below: Get back in your tomb, already! Apparently things were getting a little cramped in there, and someone decided to take a breather. Take a look on the left side of the image, someone is taking it easy today!

Below: Did someone else want to join in on the fun, or is this a clever photography trick? You know what, even if it is a trick, that baby is really creepy, enough for me to put this picture up!

OK so my desk light just went out, and I was already feeling a little creeped out by the pictures. I am off to a more populated place.

PS: The pictures were all taken from

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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