Countdown to Supernatural’s Season 5 Premiere: Only 4 days left!

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The waiting is almost over guys – it’s quite exciting! Between the Supernatural premiere and the anticipation of the nation’s reaction to President Obama’s speech to schoolchildren tomorrow, I have hardly been able to sleep.

I don’t think it worth it to go over the last two episodes of Season 4 some more – while I do have enough ideas and thoughts about them to post for at least another week or so, I’m more psyched about finding out what is going to happen than to go over what happened.

I went on a search for spoilers and clips, and here is what I got.

Review of Season 4 from CW (great for people who have never watched SPN and would like to give it a try).

Space’s Promo

Official CW promo (1) (my personal favourite because of the song)

Official CW promo (2)

Five minutes of Season 5’s premiere, ‘Sympathy for the Devil’, presented at ComiCon 2009

Some great spoilers are available here. And some more are available here.


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