Proof that humans are scarier than vampires…

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I read Twilight but have yet to see the movie, so I have kept from commenting on it. However, there is one question that I asked myself when I first heard that Twilight was being turned into a movie: would the actress portraying Bella Swan realise what she will be indirectly teaching to millions of young women around the world?

Apparently she does, as Hollywood Florida’s blog reports here:

Non-enthusiastic Kristen Stewart had no interest in taking on the role of Bella in Twilight. (…) I thought ‘This is crap, you’re going to present a completely ideological idea of love to 11-year-olds and that’s so not right’. You’re setting them up for total disappointment’.’ (…)

But she still starred in the movie, and apparently something has eased her concerns (the millions, perhaps?). I really wish that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson would take advantage of their current superstardom and encourage a dialogue on what real love and relationships are. Why not? I’m not asking them to answer the questions, just to encourage dialogue that could potentially prevent a lot of heart-break.

Hey. If millions of girls are allowed to dream about marrying a fictional vampire who is already married, I can dream about a more intelligent world, can’t I?

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