Review: Supernatural, Season 4, Episode 19: Jump the Shark

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It’s been awhile, and I don’t recall many details from the last couple of Supernatural episodes. I know, I know – what a terrible fan I am! But do give me a break: I was actually planning on re-watching Episodes 15 through 18 so as to actually write out those long promised reviews and get back into the beat of things… But I really want to know what happens! So I’ll just watch the latest episode in my ‘to do’ list, ‘Jump the Shark’, and query all potential questions on various fan forums.

What would I do without the real fans?

I also decided to try out live-blogging, or at least, a certain form of it, since it can’t really be live as the episode originally aired a couple of weeks ago. But you get my drift. After all, it’s almost summer (as a friend of mine pointed out, summer only really starts on June 20th this year) and so it’s time to switch gears a little bit.

0:15 – Wow at the ‘Then’ opening sequence… Jared really has changed in the last four years – or is just Sam who has changed? Don’t know. In any case, he really looked like such an innocent teen in the beginning, didn’t he? I wonder if Jensen changed as much? And when did his line “If I didn’t know you, I’d want to hurt you” happen?

1:23 – While the woman running away wasn’t a particularly scary moment compared to some previous Supernatural episodes, something about it really creeped me out – maybe the fact that it ended with a monster under the bed… Perhaps I should check under mine before I go to bed tonight…

03:25 – Loved this exchange:

Dean: I’m hungry. Let’s have breakfast

Sam: Where? We’re two hours away from anywhere.

Dean: But I’m hungry now

Sam: There’s probably a sandwich in the backseat

And there was! Ew. Boys will be boys.

04:28 – I hate to say this, but Adam seems to be the kid from the ‘perfect’ life John might have led had his wife not been killed. This sure isn’t going to help either Sam nor Dean with their Daddy issues!

05:30 – I love how Dean is so certain that his father wouldn’t have had another son without telling them that he has come prepared for every single situation he can think of… Except perhaps the only one that actually ends up happening.

06:23 – Oh my God, Sam making Dean supremely uncomfortable by mentioning that their father has, erm, carnal desires he might have indulged in is absolutely hilarious.

09:47 – I feel so, so bad for Dean: he seems so upset when he saw the picture of Adam and John at the baseball game! I can’t help but wonder why John would never have attempted to do anything remotely normal with Dean & Sam.

12:09 – I can’t help but wonder what is going to happen – is Adam actually the son of John Winchester, and if he is, will the three brothers become, well, brothers?

13:30 – It’s interesting to note the very scientific and systematic approach the Winchester brothers – until further notice, the ‘Winchester brothers’ refers to Sam and Dean only – use in choosing who will explore the vent they found under the bed – i.e. with a game of rock-paper-scissors that Dean loses.

Dean, very annoyed at losing: Every time.

13:51 – I would love to try the whole duct crawling thing. They did that often in the X-files, too. Well, not often, but at least once.

Dean, grumbling as he is crawling inside the vent: Why didn’t I throw paper?

14:42 – The blood and pieces of body in the duct? Ew.

15:31 – Another lovely line:

Adam, spotting Dean’s shotgun: You’re not mechanics.

16:04 – Another good exchange:

Adam: Ok so you’re telling me that every monster movie I’ve ever seen, every nightmare I’ve ever had, it’s all real?

Dean: Godzilla’s just a movie.

16:30 – It’s adorable how Adam just believes Sam and Dean because they are brothers. Stupid, but adorable.

17:31 – The three brothers’ reaction to the news is very interesting. Dean, the older one, is acting all protective, aggressively protecting the ‘family’, while the two younger ones seem pretty eager to just accept it – especially Adam.

Adam, after Dean walked out the motel room, slamming the door: Is he always like that?

Sam, scoffing: Yeah, well, welcome to the family.

17:50 – Then again, Adam’s seemingly easy acceptance of it all might just be related to the fact that he is desperate for a father-figure – even if it comes in the form of two older brothers.

18:14 – Attention all X-files fans: was the mortuary dude (sorry, live-blogging & brain-freeze equal new words) ever in an X-files episode?

19:14 – Another note-worthy line:

Bartender, to Dean in his FBI outfit: I know all the local cops – and you got that Law and Order vibe.

22:03 – What the heck is this ‘it’?

Sam: It’s in the vents

Thanks, Sherlock.

23:54 – Maybe they are looking at it wrong. Maybe the ‘it’ isn’t the actual ‘it’ that John Winchester came after all these years ago. Perhaps it’s ‘it’s’ offspring – which would make this quite an interesting plot line, spawn versus spawn, and would also make me quite the over-involved fan.

24:05 – Should they really be letting Adam go upstairs alone? Didn’t they JUST ascertain that this thing is after him? Tsk, tsk – Sam and Dean, are you getting sloppy on us?

24:55 – Seems like Adam might be a Winchester after all.

Adam: Whatever it takes, I’ll do it.

26:30 – The Sam & Adam conversations are interesting. Seems like Sam is having big brother moments – I guess he’s enjoying that for once, he isn’t looking up to someone, but that someone else is looking up to him.

27:30 – Ouh, another very interesting exchange:

Sam: What makes Adam so special?

Dean: What, are you jealous?

Sam: Are you?

The crux of the matter finally comes to life – and I can’t continue thinking about it because I am live-blogging. This is not the first thought I had to put a pin in. Live-blogging is quickly losing its appeal.

29:00 – I wonder if Jensen was creeped out at shooting a scene in a cemetery in the middle of the night.

30:00 – I kind of hope that the mother is still alive. I know, it’s pretty lame and cheesy, but there have been a few too many Winchester-related parental deaths already.

30:42 – The deputy is definitely dead. Dang. The probability of Mama Winchester being alive isn’t very good, is it? And now Dean buried himself into the crypt whatever he went into. Great.

32:21 – Oh dear, I’m so confused, is that the mother or not?

33:30 – Ok so, does this mean that Adam really was John Winchester’s son and he’s dead, or did he have nothing to do with him at all?

34:30 – I didn’t hear that very well. They are googles? What? Search engines?

35:10 – This has got to be the best line of this episode:

Woman formerly known as Adam’s mother:  Yeah, well we are what we eat.

35:46 – This really reminds me of the episode with the ‘vegetarian’ vampires. What is a monster, someone who is and does things we deem terrible, or something that does things that might seem terrible but to it, it’s just normal? The other question is, what do we do in these situations – who is right?

36:15 – Dang, Jensen is in shape, pulling himself out from the top window.

36:20 – I don’t say this often, but the Sam-feeding scene is gross. Really, really, gross.

37:03 – Another interesting quote:

Man formerly known as Adam: Revenge is never really over, is it Sam.

Interesting, which makes you wonder how some of today’s current conflicts, based on age old resentments and revenge-seeking, are ever going to end.

37:27 – Adam really was a Winchester – and so, another one bites the dust. The stats really are piling up against that family, aren’t they.

39:26 – Adorable:

Sam, after Dean saves him: Thank you.

Dean: That’s what family’s for.

Is this episode meant as a reminder that family is so important or something, because the two brothers are soon going to be at odds? Oh dear… I hope not.

40:30 – So sweet, that they accepted Adam as their brother and gave him a funeral worthy of a hunter, which is nice.

What a great episode, and what a great ride the constant questioning of Adam’s genetic roots proved to be! I’m glad I tried this live-blogging thing, but I think I’m going to stick to old-school reviews for now – or keep it solely for special events I could live-blog about.

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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    1. Honestly it’s been such a long time since I’ve watched this episode that I don’t remember! Maybe the episode aired in 2009 but took place earlier? That seems to be the most logical (and easiest) explanation!

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