Review: Supernatural, Season 5, Episode 1: Sympathy for the Devil – part II

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Supernatural Opening Season 5Last night’s review was more of a breathless, happy fan sigh as the wait for Supernatural’s Season 5 Premiere finally came to a close. Tonight’s review is more of the serious stuff, as we start tackling the heavier topics of the episode in typical Sahar’s Blog style. And since I am striving to keep the posts from becoming the long monologues they sometimes tend to become (sorry, guys), I am only going to address one particular theme each time.

And don’t worry – my acerbic humour will not be edited.

Tonight’s theme: the very illogical good people/bad things ratio.

Remember the following exchange from last night’s premiere?

Dean: You bastards jump-started Judgment Day.
Zachariah: We didn’t start anything. We let it happen.

It always struck me as odd that, in a world with so many nice people, there are so many bad things happening. A fellow Tumblr friend mentioned yesterday an incident that embodies this situation:

Dear Tumblr friends:

I think I’ve established that I am a pretty rational, level-headed and fair-minded person. And so trust me when I say that DVSJR is a gigantic creep who is impinging greatly on the enjoyment of this Tumblr community amongst several women here.

He is making women feel threatened, stalked, harassed, scared, unable to sleep and feeling like they need to post less, strip personal information off their blogs, remove photos, change phone numbers, email addresses and the like. He has gone way beyond anything even remotely acceptable by me and I hope by each of you.


Seriously, staying quiet does no good and lets him continue thinking he can get away with it. I am not staying quiet.

Thanks for listening,


For those of you who aren’t aware, Tumblr is a short-form blogging platform. I recently joined and have been amazed at the number of nice people who will talk to me, even if they are strangers, brought together by, say, their love for a TV show (Supernatural, anyone?). And yet again, as always, amongst the thousands of nice, interesting people with great ideas, some of which I don’t agree with (some people prefer Sam to Dean? Come ON, people!), there is always the one ‘bad’ person who makes the experience bad for everyone else.

But, again, it makes no sense that the relatively small number of bad people are making the lives of so many nice people miserable. How does it work out?

While it’s true that in some cases, it’s because bad people have connections and power that makes it extremely difficult for nice people to fight the injustices, it has been proven time and again in history that the seemingly insurmountable power of the few can be toppled by the fury of the many.

It’s very interesting that often, the injustices against good people have to pile up so high so as to inspire fury before anything happens. Why can’t we do something before it gets to the point where a full-blown revolution is but a spark away?

Let’s go back to our little conversation taken from Episode 5×01 of SPN:

Dean: You bastards jump-started Judgment Day.
Zachariah: We didn’t start anything. We let it happen.

While Zachariah’s intention doesn’t seem to be letting Lucifer win – he does apparently seem to want to intervene now that all hell has broken loose (pun TOTALLY intended) – I don’t know if his attitude is one to preach. And this really has nothing to do with the fact that I don’t like Zachariah and I think he’s a double agent of some sort.

It reminds me a little bit of the dynamics between the four actors in the sometimes terrible theater of bullying: the bully (Lucifer and the demons), the victim (humans), the by-stander (Zachariah and his posse) and the defender (Dean and Sam). I have heard and read so many accounts where by-standers would let things happen in the hopes of being able to act later – but often, they would never really do anything, and even when they did, it was often too late to prevent deep psychological trauma to the victim.

Poor Bonnie Tyler, who needed a hero – at this rate, looks like she’s never going to get one.

Could it be, therefore, that the world is in the state its in not because of the number of bullies that make life miserable, but rather because of the fewness of defenders willing to stand up in the name of Justice?

Dost Thou wail, or shall I wail? Rather shall I weep at the fewness of Thy champions, O Thou Who hast caused the wailing of the worlds…

So much for shorter posts.

And by the way, I still don’t like Zachariah. I think my feelings can be summed up as follow:

Dean, in the storage unit, coming face to face with Zachariah: Oh thank God the angels are here.

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5 thoughts on “Review: Supernatural, Season 5, Episode 1: Sympathy for the Devil – part II

  1. I must say I REALLY liked the part when Castiel (sp?) came back and Zachariah was all “How are you alive?” and Castiel came back with “I think you know how? Does that scare you? It should” Methinks the man in charge upstairs is none too happy with how Zachariah is behaving.

  2. I totally forgot about that! It is a great line. Perhaps I shall have to blog about it some more 😉 I was thinking about it – about how people often think that because bad things happen, a benevolent God doesn’t exist… But if God gave us free will, doesn’t it mean that He also has to let us make our mistakes, however horrible they might be, and that He sends us everything He can to help us without messing up with the concept of free will?

    I like your URL btw 😉

  3. Yep! God is an easy scapegoat target for a lot of people I think. That’s why its one of Satan’s favorite lies. This is shaping up to be a great season of the show.

    And thank you 🙂

    1. You’re quite welcome. Looking forward to seeing what you are going do with your website 😛
      What are your predictions for this season? Or are you more of a sit back and enjoy the ride TV viewer?

  4. You know I am normally quite good at predicting whats to come in a show but I have to say I am not quite sure here. Sam and Dean are obviously going to need to bond again as brothers but as far as winning the battle against the Devil goes my only thought so far has been needing to figure out what it is about Dean that makes him the “Micheal Sword” and how to utilize that.

    Though, I defiantly enjoy just sitting back for the ride with this show.

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