Supernatural, Season 4, Episodes 21 & 22: When the Levee Breaks & Lucifer Rising – Part II

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Part I: here.

Little Sammy had quite the trip during his demon blood detox, didn’t he? One was of his mother, and the following little exchange really struck me:

Mrs. Winchester: You can use it against them
Sam: For revenge
Mrs. Winchester: No. For justice.

I know that revenge is never a good reason to do anything – but let’s be honest, if someone did to my mother what was done to Sam’s mother, I would totally want to seek revenge. On top of that, Sam and Dean barely knew their mother, and I know mine quite well – she’s amazing! Just thinking of something bad happening to her is making me want to sharpen my claws.

It’s easy to sit back when you don’t have reason to seek vengeance and tell others to take a chill pill, that revenge never works, that it always comes back to haunt us, blah blah – but fact of the matter is, sometimes it feels like there it’s a lose-lose situation. On the one hand, if you decide not to seek revenge, you end up stewing in your own frustration and live a life of, well, hell (pun not intended, but kind of funny). On the other hand, if you do seek revenge, things usually go at least a little wrong. And if we base ourselves on the premise that most people are good, then even if nothing goes wrong, what we did to get that revenge in the first place might haunt us for the rest of our lives.

Not fair.

So how can we ever go about really forgiving the other person so as to not let the shadow of revenge follow us everywhere we might go?

Only 12 days left.

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