X marks the spot

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I once heard someone say: “Ah,  ‘X-mas’: X marks the spot where Christ was taking out of Christmas”. How that (sadly) rings true. His Holiness Jesus Christ has taken an unfortunate back seat to the decorations, the presents and the old man in a red suit climbing down chimneys (seriously, doesn’t anyone else see how disturbing a concept that is?).

Which is sad, because Christmas is so much more than that, and not only for Christians. Like all religious festivals, Christmas gives us an opportunity to renew feelings and beliefs, to think about the purpose of life, and to thank God for all the good things we have (Source: here). Especially since the New Year is right after that – what a great way for society as a whole to rethink things over.

Many websites provide various ways to keep Christ in Christmas (here for example), but I think this is only treating the symptom of a malaise permeating all of humanity in every aspect of its day to day life: spirituality, as important to us as breathing, has taken a back seat and is choking on the exhaust fumes of a pervasive materialism.

As the old world order is sinking around us, destroyed by the greed for hunger that created it in the first place, perhaps a fitting New Year’s resolution for 2009 would be to make the effort to bring spirituality back into our day to day lives so that it, instead of greed, permeates our day to day life.

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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