Philosophical Musings

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I think a lot. Often, it’s about random, non-essential and totally uninteresting things. But in the rare cases when it’s actually interesting, they usually end up in the form of a blog post.

Here are links to Sahar’s Blogs’ ‘philosophical’ posts written April through July 2009. I will work on getting the links from all the post up ASAP!

April 2009

Populist rage: Any hope the 1789 French Revolution will become the 2009 Global Revolution?

Democracy in Space: More than naming a NASA node

Queen Noor on the Colbert Report: Sahar’s Blog in sync with Royalty!

May 2009

What we want, what we say and what we go: not quite the same

Pretty in Pink: How to complicate what should have been a simple fashion choice

Lemonisms and Donaghisms: 30 Rock’s definition of charity

Playing for Change: Peace through Music

June 2009

Playing for Change: ‘One Love’

It’s not about politics anymore

The dangers of large-scale demonstrations: when peaceful ones get angry

Activism and Social Justice: How to make sure that fist you’re shaking actually moves something

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