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Blog Review: ‘Kate the (Almost) Great’ by Kate Mitchell

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Name: Kate Mitchell
Blog Reviewed: Kate the (Almost) Great
Her favourite post:

Reviews 2016 04 15 Blog ReviewLaunched some three years ago, Kate’s minimalist, black on white blog is a reflection of who she is rather than a blog that can be easily filed under one genre or another.  While it is a little difficult at first hand to grasp who she is—the blog, like many others I have recently reviews, isn’t easy to navigate—once one finds a foothold, Kate starts shining through.

The first hint of who she is comes courtesy of a small text box explaining that she is a “20-something living in Boston”, “a graduate student, a writer, and an advocate for people with arthritis.”  This fits quite well with what she told me about her blog: “Kate the (Almost) Great is a Boston-based lifestyle blog focusing on writing, chronic health issues, and my millennial life. I’m a published author with 2 books out and a licensed English teacher, so I hope to help people become better writers. I’ve lived with chronic pain since I was 10 and am an advocate for arthritis and fibromyalgia patients.”

Needless to say, I am quite excited about discovering a blog which is more than about the more often seen fashion, beauty, and lifestyle ones.

Scrolling down a little, we see another box in which four categories are listed.  The first one, “Health”, includes a wide array of health related posts, from Kate’s work as an activist to tips and advice for better health.  You might think that, because of her arthritis, the advice under this category doesn’t suit anyone without her condition—but you would be wrong.  Furthermore, even her posts that are specifically about conditions that you might not have are written in a way that could inspire positive lifestyle changes and/or the adoption of a health-related cause of your own.

The second category listed in the box is “Lifestyle” under which can be found the more often seen beauty and fashion posts, as well as how to organize your life and some fun guest posts.  I personally feel like this section in itself is a demonstration of how life with a painful chronic condition can be so normal and is quite coherent with Kate’s work as an activist.

The fourth one, “Writing & Blogging”, comes in quite handy to anyone who is interested in or who actually writes or blogs, be it tips on how to write or how to increase your blog’s traffic (I’m always up for that).  As for the third category, which I have purposefully left for last, it includes, under the moniker “Uncategorized” such a wealth and breadth of posts that I can’t help but hope that Kate will be further categorizing them so that the various topics they touch upon are easier to find.

A fun blog to read for hours on end, Kate the (Almost) Great is a fun and serious journey in the mind of its author.  You can also find Kate on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Add to your blog reader?  Depending on your interests.

First published on Sahar’s Blog on 16 April 2016


5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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