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Big News and The Launch of a Related New Family Focused Feature

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Someone recently told me that the most important advice she could give my husband and I about my impending dive into parenthood was to be ready for a lot of changes.  Like so much of the advice I have received, it seems pretty obvious in theory, but still comes as a little bit of a surprising adjustment when it comes to practice.

Pregnancy has already been filled with adjustments as other priorities as well as new physical limitations (I can’t see my feet anymore!) have created a new reality in which I just can’t keep up with my old self.

And this is why the launching of this feature is already a week late.

You probably have guessed what the ‘big news’ is—which is commensurate with the size of my waistline.  As my husband and I have been preparing for the coming of a little one, we have been exposed to amazing advice, great conversations, and, already, some fantastic learnings with repercussions for both our personal development and our ability to contribute to strengthening our community.

So of course this new feature was kind of inevitable!

We—because this will be a joint effort—initially thought of integrating it into Tuesday’s posts on personal and community development.  Then we realised that there is just so much to discuss when it comes to parenting that overlaps all the other categories in this blog, from books to movies to music to products to personal and community development etc.—that either it would take over the entire blog, or we could create a whole new feature that would basically be a ‘specialised’ view of all the good stuff you are already used to seeing on this blog.

For the next three months we are going to give this format a try.  The rest of the blog will remain the same; Friday’s old, blog-centric content has been shifted to Saturdays, and Fridays will be dedicated to all things family related.  For now there is no set schedule within each Friday—we will be sharing, for now at least, whatever comes to mind or crosses our paths during the previous week.  But since I will be revising the editorial calendar every three months, whatever we learn about family related blogging on Fridays will make its appearance then and there.

I have been reading about motherhood for more than 10 years now, the time around which my friends starting giving me gorgeous nieces and nephews.  It enabled me to help my newly minted parent friend as well as introduce me to a whole slate of amazing parent and mommy bloggers.  My husband and I are excited to be joining their ranks, be it only for a day a week, and hope that we can help others are much as bloggers have and will no doubt continue to help us.

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5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

6 thoughts on “Big News and The Launch of a Related New Family Focused Feature

    1. Thank you Dana! I am feeling great, especially compared to some of the horror stories I have heard about pregnancy! Have you any experience with pregnancy?

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