Another Obsession-with-Edward-Cullen-Obsession related post

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It’s been awhile since I have written a post about Edward Cullen Obsession – however, it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been continuing my ‘research’, on and offline.

And it seems that I’m not the only person thoroughly amused and insatiably curious about the phenomenon that is Edward Cullen Obsession. I read a great post about a fellow blogger’s experience with a new shipment of Twilight books (you should read it – here) and here are some of the comments that ensued.

Mika: OK, I’m amused by the fact that every single time I enter a bookstore, I would always encounter someone asking about the Twilight series or when the next shipment of books comes in. And half the time, it’s a high school boy or a college (gay) boy asking about it.

Rina: Sahar, Mika’s the one you should really talk to about being obsessed, he he….

Sahar: Really? Mika, what’s the deal? Come on, tell me eeeeeeeeeeeeeverything *innocent smile* lol!

Mika: Obsessed? More like a bad case of cognitive dissonance. It’s a weird sort of addiction even if I’m not a fan of Stephenie Meyer’s style of writing (I find it too dragging), plot build-up (there’s one predictable pattern for her books and that it fails when it tries to be anything bigger than a love story), and Bella’s characterization.

But, in Twilight-speak, it is a “personal brand of heroin,” that series. Haha, I can’t explain it!

Sahar: Mika: I know what you mean. I read the entire series in 4 days – one for each book. And I was working those days and I had schoolwork to get done, too, plus I volunteer and I got some sleep. So you do the math. And at every chapter, I would slightly hesitate – I wanted to know what was going to happen, but I didn’t know if I could stand anymore of Bella’s gushing over Edward’s perfection and Edward’s running commentary of how he doesn’t want to be the cause of Bella’s death. I did love the fact that, at the end of the series, it’s Bella, the ‘weak’ one, that saves the day – if more emphasis had been put on that, it could have served as a great lesson, one that those who have survived high school know: it’s often the ones who are considered the weakest and who are unfortunately bullied who, if they tough it out, become the ones that change the world ;).

Hmmm. Another Edward-related post? Perhaps.

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