Review: Ugly Betty, Season 3, Episode 17: Sugar Daddy

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It is official: Ugly Betty is back to its Season 1 glory. While the plot has completely changed, the tension, the web of relationships, the ups and down, the almost unexpected twists – it’s all back and I’m loving every second of it.

I’ll tell you what is not back though: Wilhelmina’s all black or all white wardrobe. Perhaps the baby is inspiring her to wear more colour? Who knows.

In any case, what matters is that Ugly Betty’s plot is back en force. I love the extra dollop of reality in this particular episode; asking for the bailout being offered to print media was a gem typical of UB, and I grinned throughout the entire episode.

But the writers didn’t stop there. Heaven forbid they don’t use this golden opportunity and milk it for all its worth. Having Daniel and Wilhelmina travel by bus? Priceless, especially when Wilhelmina whips out her credit card followed by Daniel asking the bus driver if he can break a 50$.

Funniness aside, this situation paints a portrait of the situation in the world: the rich being so rich that they lead lives miles away from that which we ‘normal’ people live, and even further from the lives of poor people. The gap between rich and poor is time and again addressed in Ugly Betty, namely by contrasting Betty’s problems with those of Daniel. Are we surprised, then, that decision-makers at the national and international levels, who have no idea what the people at the local level are going through day to day, create policies that don’t help the poor?

Too bad these decision-makers aren’t more like Daniel; while spoiled and pampered, he has come to realise how lucky he is, and, now more than ever, he’s willing to put it on the line for the greater good (chalk it up to Betty’s positive influence!). I’m sure that in the last couple of months, as we watched company after company go under and ask for government bailouts, we all wondered how some CEOs and other heads were making so much money even as their companies were going down. And, in the same vein, I’m sure we all wondered how many of these same top heads have millions worth in assets (lands, houses, art, jewellery just to name a few) that they could liquidate to help their companies. Why only use hard earned tax money? Perhaps the government should tell companies that their bailout will match the amount of money these CEOs and other top heads put in themselves.

Favorite moments:

Wilhelmina (in the crowded bus): Excuse me sir, you’re in my personal space.

Wilhelmina (to Daniel): I’m trying to antagonize you and it’s no fun when you’re not listening.
Daniel: She’s sick. She’s dying.
Wilhelmina: Great. Now you made me feel awkward.

Chef: What are you grinding?
Ignacio: Not bread crumbs.
Show commentator: Ouh, trash talk.

Ignacio: Who’s the best at chopping?
Hilda: I just did my nails.
Justin: Me too.

Mark (walking into The Closet): Hey Christina, we’re here to sign out Wilhelmina’s baby.

Christina (handing the baby to Mark): Please be careful with him. No piercings, no tattoos.

Amanda: Babies are THE hot accessory in the gay world.

And now, in a shameless display of greed, I wait for Heroes’ return to its Season 1 glory.

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 2 votes

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