Review: Ugly Betty, Season 3, Episode 24 (Finale)

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What a sad, sad ending to Season 3 of Ugly Betty. I turned off the TV after watching it and sat in the dark with tears in my eyes. And, thanks to Cyndi Lauper and Sarah McLachlan, I’m still not over it, and probably won’t be able to listen to the remake of Time after Time without seeing Daniel looking up, devastated, at Betty.

If you rolled your eyes at that and have watched the episode, I dare you to watch the live version of the song while thinking of that ending; if you don’t even get a little bit of moisture in your eyes, then you’re made of stone.

Not that it came as a surprise; we were expecting Molly to die. It didn’t make any sense to start Season 4 with a death, and a death does make for a great TV season finale (finality, finale, is it too early to joke about that?). But it was still an awesome episode, and a great end to Season 3. It has also inspired me to start another petition: on top of my long-standing ‘More Justin Suarez Time’, I present to you me: ‘Give Daniel Meade a Break’.

For Pete’s sake, hasn’t the man, fictional or not, been through enough? From his father’s death to being manipulated to fall in love for a magazine article to his brother’s transformation into a sister to him finding he had a son to losing his son to falling in love with a great woman who dies… I bet you that one of the writers has written Daniel’s role based on the life of someone he hates. That is the only explanation I can come up with.

And a special note to Detty fans out there: STOP IT! That last scene means nothing more than this: Daniel and Betty are becoming amazing friends. He is never going to get over Molly (or will he?) and she has Matt.

No, wait, I forget… Daniel will eventually find someone else because the show must go on, and Betty doesn’t have Matt anymore. All the more reason for me to dislike Henry just a little bit more.

At least she has her new job to cheer her up, which she owes to… the flip of a coin. TV show or not, it’s kind of sad that Betty and Mark’s future was decided like this. It’s obvious that neither Daniel nor Wilhelmina consider anyone under them important enough to be taken seriously if they decide the fate of their assistants, whom they are both close to, by a coin toss. On behalf of both Mark and Betty, I’m insulted.

Poor Mark. I have come to like him a lot, evilness, cattiness and Wilhelmina-ness aside. What put him over the top are the glimpses into the nice Mark we get once in awhile, but especially during hi Justin-moments. Mark really is at his best when he is bonding with Justin. It might be because he sees a little (or a lot) of himself in him and wants to help as much as he can. And I hope Mark finds himself another partner. Can we get Cliff to come back, or is that done for good?

Oh dear me. It really isn’t fair for us poor Ugly Betty fans. First there was the writer’s strike (remember those dark, dark days?). Then there were the repeated hiatus’. Now we have to wait three whole months (if not more) before we see our friends again?

I guess it’s going to have to fall on the Internet to make up for Ugly Betty. And, for the well-being of the wonderful Sahar’s Blog readers, here are a couple of little somethings you might not be aware of that will help tide you over until… Next week. Sorry – there is only so much I can accomplish.

There are a couple of funny webisodes featuring Mark and Amanda hanging out at Mode after-hours; they are short and sweet, and will definitely make up for a little bit of the Ugly Betty hangover. You can find them here.

Mode is now online – although I have to admit, the site could use some work (read: a LOT of work). You can find it here – and I do hope they take the summer to work on the site a little bit more.

Favourite moments:

Mark, after reminiscing with Wilhelmina about all the things they have done together: We should be in jail.


Daniel: The winner gets the job.

Wilhelmina: And the loser gets fired.

Daniel: No, the loser remains as an assistant.

Wilhelmina: Not as interesting as being fired, but OK.


Betty: You scared the hell out of me!

Daniel: I know. I couldn’t help it.

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5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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