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Who said men can’t be nurturing?

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While it might seem that the world is falling apart around us, the signs that humanity has yet given up on itself abound. Various organizations are created all the time and all seem to be working very hard on making the world a better place.

Some of them seem to lean more towards the publicity and marketing rather than on real change, but then again, one doesn’t necessarily exclude the other. And from what I have read up to now, it seems that The Gentlemen’s Fund is doing just that – helping the world in style while providing massive publicity to the many brands and corporations involved.

They also had a search going on for an ‘agent of change striving for the betterment of society through charitable work, volunteerism and/or community involvement – someone who is working hard to make this a better world. The “Better Men Better World Search” finished on July 31st 2008, and a winner has yet to be announced.

Then again… If superstars like Timbaland and Usher, backed by global corporations using less than ethical means to increase their profit margins, limit their involvement in bettering the world to contributing money to these causes while continuing a lifestyle so many would like to emulate, are they really contributing to make the world a better place, or are they just being marketed in a way to make themselves feel better?

Or, in other words, can an artist who is promoting the inequality of men and women by portraying women as objects in their music and videos, or is promoting a lifestyle based on excess and the fulfillment of materialistic needs and wants really change the world – for the better?

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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