Zimbabwe: the new international let-down scandal?

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Something disturbing is yet again happening in Zimbabwe, and I don’t know how to help – at least, not directly.

UK PM: Zimbabwe cholera outbreak is ‘an international emergency’

(CNN) — UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has branded the cholera crisis in Zimbabwe “an international emergency” and called on the world community to confront President Robert Mugabe, leader of the central African nation.

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  • UK PM Gordon Brown calls for more to be done about Zimbabwe cholera crisis
  • Cholera has killed more than 600 people in nation hit by hyperinflation, political unrest
  • Condoleezza Rice Friday called on all African nations to “speak up” about crisis
  • UK, U.S. have led international pressure on Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe

This has me wondering; Iraq was invaded on the now proven false assumption that it had weapons of mass destruction. Why can’t we invade Zimbabwe on the knowledge that Mugabe is destroying the lives of millions of Zimbabweans?

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