Zimbabwe: Why isn’t anyone doing anything? Mugabe is, after all, asking for it (literally)

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You know what’s funny… Such arrogance from an oil-rich country would not have been tolerated by other countries. I guess Mugabe is doing us all a horrible favour by making us question why after humanity’s bloody history, we still haven’t done anything…

And quite unfortunately, I’m not exagerrating. Check it out:

Zimbabwean President Mugabe says no African country will topple him

Published by The Associated press on December 19th 2008

HARARE, Zimbabwe – Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe says no African country has the guts to topple him.

The state-controlled Herald newspaper quotes Mugabe as telling leaders of his party that neighbouring Botswana’s calls for his ouster are nothing but hot air.

Meanwhile, opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai said today he will ask his party to halt talks on a unity government with Mugabe unless political detainees are released or charged by Jan. 1.

Mugabe and Tsvangirai agreed three months ago to form a unity government but negotiations have stalled over how to share cabinet posts.

The political impasse comes amid a mounting economic and humanitarian crisis that has pushed thousands of Zimbabweans to the point of starvation and left 1,123 dead from cholera since August.

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