Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson passes away at the age of 50

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The life and times of Michael Jackson

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Less appreciated Michael Jackson music

Another tribute to Michael Jackson from Cebu Prison

Making the most of it: Deep insight into Michael Jackson’s death

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5 thoughts on “Michael Jackson

  1. Those who knew him well will attest. He helped a lot of people.
    Many people benefited from his success.
    Conscious efforts made to raise awareness on issues affecting humanity, the environment, racism, Africa, Time to make a better place, violence and other..
    Messages sent that needed to be heard.
    Entertainment yes, but more than that.

  2. Why nobody talk about the fact that Michael suffered from a severe mental illness:Body dysmorphic disorder?Why mental illness have to be a taboo? Michael was a very talented man with a good heart but had a mental disorder like millions of people around the world. BDD suffers have a weird behavior.This disorder could be brought to light through his exemple and help people who are BDD suffers. If you want to know your idol than you should know the disorder behind the man.

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