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Blog Review: ‘Always, S’ by Savannah Ward

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Name: Savannah Ward
Blog Reviewed: Always, S
Her favourite post:

Reviews 2015 12 18 Blog Review Always SLaunched almost exactly a year and a half ago, Always, S brings together the realities of college life, reflections on relationships and family life, tips and tricks on planning the perfect road trip, and a slew of other posts that range between just plain fun to very practical and goal oriented. Savannah has chosen a magazine layout as template, which helps bring out the specially made headers she makes for each of her posts (which as you might have noticed is a style of header I am quite attached to myself!) The simple black on white layout with the occasional peach highlights really makes each header picture pop out.

Savannah’s favorite post is a really sweet and useful one listing everything she has learned about building and maintaining a healthy relationship with her boyfriend. There is something about the way she writes that makes this post not seem condescending or patronizing, but rather as something that is offered from the heart for no other sake that to share joy.

And this is not the exception! Rather, this writing style is suffused throughout the posts on this blog. While there isn’t much in the way of a menu to navigate the blog, Savannah has categorised her posts under a couple of main topics.

College is one of Savannah’s biggest categories and is filled with great posts that touch upon all kinds of aspects of life in college. The one that stood out the most to me was “10 College Questions + Advice for Freshmen (answered by a professor!)” which is filled with great advice you need to read, not just for a great couple of years in college but also for a great high school experience and, really, a great life experience.

As of last month, Savannah is sharing her monthly goals with readers, which can be quite inspiring when one is in a rut. Hopefully her readers will be able to help her out too should she ever had a rut! Savannah seems to love music and has shared a few music playlists both in October and December, which contains a selection varied enough that readers are bound to discover a few new things. College life implies a more hectic life—especially if you are a blogger!—and Savannah shared some of her thoughts in posts filed under Organization. She is also beginning to spread her wings in the Beauty category, having already held a giveaway.

This blog has a lot of potential to grow into something even better and potentially a lot bigger as well. And if it turns out that you really like Savannah’s style, you can also find her on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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