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Blog Review: ‘Miss Millennia Magazine’ by Jasmine Watts

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Name: Jasmine Watts
Blog: Miss Millennia Magazine
Her favourite post: n/a

Blog Review Miss Millennia MagazineMiss Millennia Magazine, launched in 2011, is geared towards women “who are transitioning from college life to adulthood.” Jasmine Watts explained to me that the team “make[s] sure to write content that helps them be successful and informed.” Boasting a clean, minimalist design featuring white, black, grey, and pink, a host of posts greet readers on the first page.

The magazine has six sections. The career section features interview and tips, recommendations and advice to help Millennials navigate the job market—which as we know isn’t that good to begin with. The relationship section covers all kinds of relationships, from platonic to romantic and everything in between. I particularly enjoyed the simplicity and directness of “Crushing conventions 101: 3 tips to break female stereotypes holding you back.”

The finance section takes into consideration current realities which comes as a breath of fresh air in the midst of stale advice that doesn’t hold true anymore. From “Decluttering your wallet with new technology” to tips on how to save money, Miss Millennia Magazine attempts to help readers gain control of their financial health.

Health is also the mainstay of the magazine’s lifestyle section, while the uniqueness of our general is that of the Millennial Mindset section and the firsts we are all bound to face make up the Life’s First one. Fresh and filled with great advice that touch on the various aspects of a young woman’s life, I can see how Miss Millennia Magazine could become someone’s one-stop shop. Readers can also follow the magazine on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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