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Blog Review: ‘Navy Striped Peonies’ by Paulina Martin

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Name: Paulina Martin
Blog: Navy Striped Peonies
Her favourite post:

Reviews 2015 12 11 Blog Review Navy Striped PeoniesThere is something refreshingly catchy about Paulina’s blog, Navy Striped Peonies. Perhaps it’s the simple black, grey, blue, and pink on white background design; perhaps it’s the beaming picture of Paulina on the right hand side of the page; perhaps it’s the abundance of colorful, crisp shots. Whatever the case may it, this freshness just might have to do with the fact that Paulina is 16 years-old.

At least that’s what she has to say: “I think what makes Navy Striped Peonies unique is the voice! I’m a 16-year-old high school student, and I like to think I put a fresh, positive spin on all my material. I love celebrating the preppy fashion and lifestyle, but in an accessible way. I put together looks that work for school, a party, or maybe just a night out with the girls. I think there is also a big sense of community within NSP. I love interacting with and talking to readers, whether it be on the blog, through Twitter or on Instagram!”

The only challenge with this blog is that it can be hard to navigate, as the post feature no categories or tags. But there are a couple of menu options that come in quite handy. To find out more about Paulina, simply head over to her “About” page; it’s a fun read! To see what she has been up to, check out the “Featured” page; you will notice that in the year she has been blogging, she has be quite active to say the least! The “Outfits” page is replete with ideas of how to pair items that just about anyone can afford, making it a potential look book of sorts rather than a source of I-don’t-have-this-and-can’t-afford-it depression. And on the “Shop” page, you will find out where she purchased the various items mentions throughout her blog.

Another handy feature is the “Popular Posts” widget on the right hand toolbar. There are quite a few fun posts features there, such as a gift guide for both him and her as well as a post dedicated to Paulina’s pretty sticker collection. This blog is a fun, fresh breath of air and well worth a follow. You can also find Paulina on Pinterest, Bloglovin, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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