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Book Review: ‘Right or Almost Right’, by John Haremza

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About the author

After he graduated high school, John got a job as a machine operator at the potato chip plant. When he was promoted to maintenance manager he thought that this $22,000 a year job was the best job he could ever hope for. Then he was introduced to Network Marketing and his life changed forever. John’s story is 'Right or Almost Right' by John Haremzaone of those American rags to riches, from adversity and obscurity to a life of dreams. Now after spending 23 years in network marketing John has earned over $12 million. He has been responsible for product sales of over $500 million. His teams have earned over $200 million in commissions and he is featured in numerous publications and has produced 100’s of sales tools to support his teams. ​Currently, a regular speaker, consultant and author, John hopes to bring his message of Right or Almost Right to the masses.

About the book

Right or Almost Right is based on John Haremza’s 25 years of success in network marketing. It’s John’s answer to the questions so many ask such as, “Where’s the money? Why am I not seeing the success I expected?” As John says, “I meet so many intelligent, hard-working, dedicated network marketers who are struggling. They are not seeing the results they expected, and they always as, “Why?”

'Right or Almost Right' by John HaremzaJohn believes that the small subtleties of how the network marketing business is done make the big difference between making a little money versus making a lot of money, between success and struggling. He addresses many of the basics of doing “the business,” from prospecting to leading your organization, and points out what is “right” as compared to what is “almost right.”

John has lived every example contained in his book. “Network marketing changed my life beyond my wildest imagination,” says John. His story is amazing, from living in a trailer park to a well-known network marketing leader. And his story can help you to make your dreams come true too!

Book review

There is a lot of heart in this book, and one can feel it oozing out of every page. Most of the book seems to be a pep talk meant to encourage an individual interested in network marketing to get their feet wet, or to give someone already involved in network marketing a boost of energy and enthusiasm. But as a blogger interested in growing my audience, I didn’t find much of good use in here. I thought that perhaps I chose the book wrongly, and that someone with an interest in starting a business will be able to take full advantaged of the advice in ‘Right or Almost Right’.

But that’s the thing: there doesn’t seem to be much practical advice in this book as much as theoretical, pep talk-worth anecdotes and tips and for this reason, I don’t know how much a potential business person will glean from it either. Another intriguing thought: for a book that highlights the importance of network marketing in making modern and quality products available to the public, I was surprised at the number of typos and formatting mistakes peppered throughout (most the latter).

So if you are discouraged and need a pep talk, perhaps after reading a couple of advice-filled business books, then you should definitely pick this one up. You will probably get a boost of energy out of ‘Right or Almost Right’ which you can then use to translate into action whatever advice you have picked up from your study of other books. But alone, I’m not sure how useful it would be.

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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