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The X-Files Revival Cheat Sheet Number 2: 10 Great X-Files Instagram Accounts

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It’s Christmas Eve one month later as X-Philes all over the world cheer the arrival of 24 January 2016, the date The X-Files six-episode revival event will be airing.  I don’t know about you guys, but my attention span has shrinked to the size of “Tonight!  Tonight!  Yay!” which doesn’t do a lot for reading.  So to continue helping those of you too busy to spend way too many hours scouring the internet up to speed before and during the event, this second post in Sahar’s Blog ongoing revival feature will be featuring the easiest of all medias to consume: pictures.  Here are 10 great Instagram accounts for your viewing pleasure.

All Things X-FilesTXF The X-Files TXF
Paranormal Bouquet

Bones X-Files
X-Files News

As their names clearly indicate, these are accounts firmly rooted in, well, all things X-Files.  They have a lot of followers which makes for some really fun comments and conversations.  You’ll probably make friends with at least a handful of them which will come in handy for last night online geek out sessions.  Just saying.

X-Files Obsessed
X-Files 124

These accounts haven’t posted anything new in awhile, but they are well worth checking out for the wealth of pictures they did post “back in the day”.  However, you can only access them on Instagram, not on a browser.

Oh Mulder Scully

Narrowing it down a bit, this account is focused on the great pairing that these two agents–and two actors–made.

Scully Files

While dedicated to The X-Files, these accounts have a little bit of a preference for one of its main characters.  Care to guess which one?  Hint: it’s not Skinner.

Gillian Anderson Amor Fati

There is no doubt that Gillian Anderson is quite the photogenic woman, and this account, dedicated to the actress but still heavy on X-Files content, proves it again and again and again and again–etc, ad nauseum.

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