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The X-Files Facebook Project: Introduction

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Back in 2010, I discovered a little fun trend on the Internet: creating fake Facebook conversations between fictional characters.  I am pretty much constantly going through a re-watch of my favorite TV show, The X-Files, and wondered: What could it have looked like, if Scully and Mulder had had access to Facebook at the time the series aired?

Of course, I could not resist, and I decided to create such Facebook conversations between Scully, Mulder, and other characters, for a few of my favorite episodes.  My friends loved it so much they asked me for more.

And so, My X-Files Facebook Project was born, in which, for every X-Files episode there is (including the newest seasons), I will be creating a fake Facebook conversation between our two favourite FBI agents and some of the other characters that made an appearance.  This is just another way for me to enjoy one of the best shows I grew up with, and I hope it gives you the same pleasure as well!

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5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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