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Blog Review: ‘Melody Sim’ by Melody Sim

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Melody Sim on Sahar's ReviewsName: Melody Sim
Blog: Melody Sim
Her favorite post:

Blogging for a little under a year and a half doesn’t keep Melody from writing on just about anything. From travel logs to product reviews, and including deep, mindful posts, Melody writes about it all. She explains how “[she] love[s] writing – every word that is written on [her] blog is written out of [her] passion for writing.” No doubt Melody is someone who feels deeply, as her favorite post, chronicling her love story with her boyfriend, reflects. Things sometimes take on a journal feel, but not in a TMI kind of way thankfully. And with the number of pictures available, it is easy to visualise what Melody is talking about. There are a few poems and short stories also available on her blog, and her Instagram account is also worth checking out, reflecting the sweet girl next door she seems to be.

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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