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Music Review: Rabid Young – ‘EP 1’

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Las Vegas indie electro rock and synth pop band Rabid Young is releasing next month its first EP, titled quite simply enough, EP 1. Featuring Eric Rickey (vocals, keys, guitar), Jackson Wilcox (bass, vocals), Bobby Lee Parker (guitar) and Matthew Long (drums), the band has a distinct sound within which are enough fluctuations to grab and keep listeners’ attention.

Rabid YoungThe upbeat and cheerful, yet melodramatic “Pieces” kicks off the set. The synth pop love song’s driving beat gives it its cheer while lyrics like “I feel like pieces of me/Are falling out” and “I feel so incomplete/Without you around” put it straight in emo territory, where the lead vocals fit in perfectly. It is an extremely catchy track that encourages some pretty heavy dancing. It reminded me a lot of The Killers, albeit stripped of its rock element.

It’s followed by the anthemic “Not Enough”, the EP’s debut single which although less catchy than its predecessor is just as engaging, making for a good conduit for an important message. The rock element is increased while synths are slightly toned down. The melody is well built but what captures the attention are the lyrics: “It’s not enough to be exciting/It’s not enough to feel brand new/It’s not enough/Not enough/It’s not enough love for you”. No doubt many a listener, living in a society encouraging a state of constant discontent, will relate to this sentiment.

The synths are toned down even more in “Beautiful Things” where the cheerful, upbeat melody and uplifting lyrics seem to answer those of its predecessor: “Beautiful things never ask/For attention/Beautiful things never wait/For you to notice them”. The throbbing synth-led electronic melody reminiscent of the 1980s in “Some Time” winds things down a little, which seems quite à propos for a song asking “Can you make some time/Sometime”. While it also features a similar beat, closing track “Home” feels almost like a cozy lullaby, bringing the set to a satisfying close.

Fans of The Killers should give Rabid Young’s EP 1 a go. Band-related merchandise is available on their website; more information is available on their Facebook page.

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0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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